Divine Presence

I like those images where you feel the presence of God by the visual queues.

Sometimes it’s a ray of sun, the glistening light, stunning patterns or colors. This to me looks like the mouth of God in the middle of saying something profound. I often feel as though I would prefer it if this was the way God spoke to me. Perhaps that means I should work myself over some more, or is that work on myself some more! LOL


What it might look like if God spoke to you.

I was very concerned with capturing the highlights when I took this photograph, my histogram was not too close to the right. As I recall (I did it so long ago 😉 I added some contrast, by raising the black point, to give it depth when processing the image.

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Double Soft Extreme

This image is a bit of an abstraction, feel free to guess what they are before reading at the bottom of the post.

Double soft because the subject matter is very soft to the touch and a soft focus technique is employed in the creation of this photograph. This photograph reminds me of tall ocean waves of a cartoon nature, riding about on the ocean surface. Perhaps I should edit in a little boat being tossed about?  No.


This is an extreme close up of some flower petals, still on the flower, still on the stem, still on the plant, still planted in the back yard – I felt a little compulsive there.

I achieved this shot with the help of three extension tubes inserted between the body of the camera and the lens.

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Simply Resplendent

Bold, beautiful, warm and tender, reaching out and up, searching for that which will nourish and complete its existence.

I love to capture the colors, textures, patterns of flowers of all sorts, even those deemed as ‘weeds’. I don’t care what it’s purpose is or if it ‘should’ be there, I love to capture them when and where I see them.

This is one my wife grew in the yard.  She had cut some and brought them into the house to brighten it up a bit. I though it was a good chance to borrow one and bring it into the studio so that I could capture its beauty without the distraction of background/foreground, to be held in high, on display and appreciated in full without distraction.

IMG_4590LE_57_1024 Simply Resplendent

I usually use two lights for flowers in the studio, one hard light coming from the side or slightly behind with the other very soft, filling in the shadows,  is just off to one side of me. I usually take between fifty and one hundred photographs, moving lights, changing settings and just ‘playing’ with it until I think “WOW, that’s cool” and what ever else I do, it doesn’t get better.

It’s actually much safer shooting in the studio, you see, we have a garden shark.

20100531-IMG_0035_1024 Garden Shark

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A little Graphic Art

I’m not a purist when it comes to photography – I edit, retouch and muck about with images in Photoshop (tm Adobe). I tweak them to what ever degree I feel like will enhance the image to make viewing it a better experience. I’d rather not mess around too much with the nature shots, so they’re mostly as shot with perhaps a little exposure compensation or color correction.

In this case it is more the editing and design work that make the photograph pop. The original photograph is of a fuse standing on end on a posing stool. Actually three different photographs of the same fuse with three different filters run on each image and then tiled to create the poster – originally named “Poster A”, as a working title, but now named “9th Order”

9th-Order114LCpr_1024 9th Order

The back story is that I showed up to a friend’s house and was greeted with exuberant enthusiasm as he waved the fuse  triumphantly in my face. He proudly carried on about how he had blown a fuse in his Cerwin Vega speakers. These were not small speakers, he had endured enjoyed many an hour of full on Rock -N- Roll at sonic levels approaching a jet airplane on take off, putting this little fuse to the test and finally it gave in before he did. I took it from him and said that it must be forever immortalized in some cool art, he got the first print of the poster – still hanging at his house with his collection of rock posters, albums and memorabilia.

O.K., this one isn’t mine but was too cute to not share – check out the seal apparently trying to get in on the photo, from Pintrest.

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On the Run

This shot is from a series I call “On the Run”, defined as such by the fact that all of the images were shot from moving vehicles, well, while I was moving in some manner. Don’t worry, my wife was driving while I took this one.

I’m working on an idea for a photo frame that backlights the photograph so that they seem to glow. I think this shot will make a really cool one. Guess I won’t know until I build one.

img_8295_810l_1024.jpg Moonlight Madness

If memory serves me correct (Hahaha, no it doesn’t, I pulled the date & time from the Meta Data) I took this photo on my wife’s birthday, July 3rd in 2009 at 7:56 p.m.

I did give her a copy, I don’t remember the occasion I gave it to her for 😦 So when will you be able to pull meta data from gifts? One day there’ll be an app for that in the new Google Glasses coming out soon.

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Stuck in Ice

Today’s title serves as a double entendre, because the subject of the photo is encased in ice and this is the second post on things in ice, it was quite accidental, but I noticed it.

I am slightly fascinated by things that can be frozen solid and then come back to life in the thaw, but it’s more the fascinating imagery of this shot that enthralled me.

CRW_9990EL_45_1024 Glimmer of Hope

This was taken in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the parking lot at the corner of W. Huron and S. First St. I was just walking around looking for icy scenes when I spotted this.

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Change of Pace

Since all of my posts so far have been photographs I’ve taken in Hawaii, I though I’d better show something different – just so you know I don’t live there and I really am into variety.

I live in Michigan and the weather here is a lot more diverse that it is in Hawaii. When I was in Hawaii I thought it was kind of strange that the weather would often change only one degree from day-to-day. Here in Michigan a ten to twenty degree shift is not too uncommon, sometimes during one morning or afternoon. I won’t get into the 30-40 degree jumps, they’re annoying.

Today’s photograph was taken the day after one of those ‘It’s ten below zero degrees and it’s raining – REALLY!?’ After an hour of that there are some interesting sights to see, even where the subject would otherwise have been quite drab and uninteresting.

CRW_9953L_1024_50_Frozen Web

While it produces some very interesting photographs, wandering around in the winter isn’t as fun and inviting as a tropical location, but hey – it still draws me out there 🙂

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