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Divine Presence

I like those images where you feel the presence of God by the visual queues. Sometimes it’s a ray of sun, the glistening light, stunning patterns or colors. This to me looks like the mouth of God in the middle … Continue reading

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Double Soft Extreme

This image is a bit of an abstraction, feel free to guess what they are before reading at the bottom of the post. Double soft because the subject matter is very soft to the touch and a soft focus technique … Continue reading

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Simply Resplendent

Bold, beautiful, warm and tender, reaching out and up, searching for that which will nourish and complete its existence. I love to capture the colors, textures, patterns of flowers of all sorts, even those deemed as ‘weeds’. I don’t care … Continue reading

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A little Graphic Art

I’m not a purist when it comes to photography – I edit, retouch and muck about with images in Photoshop (tm Adobe). I tweak them to what ever degree I feel like will enhance the image to make viewing it … Continue reading

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On the Run

This shot is from a series I call “On the Run”, defined as such by the fact that all of the images were shot from moving vehicles, well, while I was moving in some manner. Don’t worry, my wife was … Continue reading

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Stuck in Ice

Today’s title serves as a double entendre, because the subject of the photo is encased in ice and this is the second post on things in ice, it was quite accidental, but I noticed it. I am slightly fascinated by … Continue reading

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Change of Pace

Since all of my posts so far have been photographs I’ve taken in Hawaii, I though I’d better show something different – just so you know I don’t live there and I really am into variety. I live in Michigan … Continue reading

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