Change of Pace

Since all of my posts so far have been photographs I’ve taken in Hawaii, I though I’d better show something different – just so you know I don’t live there and I really am into variety.

I live in Michigan and the weather here is a lot more diverse that it is in Hawaii. When I was in Hawaii I thought it was kind of strange that the weather would often change only one degree from day-to-day. Here in Michigan a ten to twenty degree shift is not too uncommon, sometimes during one morning or afternoon. I won’t get into the 30-40 degree jumps, they’re annoying.

Today’s photograph was taken the day after one of those ‘It’s ten below zero degrees and it’s raining – REALLY!?’ After an hour of that there are some interesting sights to see, even where the subject would otherwise have been quite drab and uninteresting.

CRW_9953L_1024_50_Frozen Web

While it produces some very interesting photographs, wandering around in the winter isn’t as fun and inviting as a tropical location, but hey – it still draws me out there šŸ™‚

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2 Responses to Change of Pace

  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

  2. DonalAdiska says:

    You’re welcome, I’m glad to have the opportunity to share them.

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