Donald Adiska was born un Ypsilanti Michigan on October 4th, 1964 – that make him a Libra Dragon, though he personally is skeptical about such stuff he still is cognizant of it.

He desire to document and photograph is born of family tradition. While family video is commonplace today, his family has been shooting family video since the old days when you had to wind up the video camera, load reel film, measure with a light meter and set the camera manually – it’s childs play to him. From an early age the family realized that the events photo would turn out better if they turned the camera over to him rather than one of the adults.

While the ‘photo bug’ bit him at an early age, this was not a direct path he would take. Prior to launching a professional career in photography he first obtained a degree in computer science and mathematics from Eastern Michigan University, taking photography as his art component and occasionally performing photography assignments for various departments in the university.

Additionally he obtained a building contractors license from the State of Michigan and has dabbled in various other fields as well.  Nothing however seems to satisfy him as much as shooting photographs, video and recording (audio).


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