A little Graphic Art

I’m not a purist when it comes to photography – I edit, retouch and muck about with images in Photoshop (tm Adobe). I tweak them to what ever degree I feel like will enhance the image to make viewing it a better experience. I’d rather not mess around too much with the nature shots, so they’re mostly as shot with perhaps a little exposure compensation or color correction.

In this case it is more the editing and design work that make the photograph pop. The original photograph is of a fuse standing on end on a posing stool. Actually three different photographs of the same fuse with three different filters run on each image and then tiled to create the poster – originally named “Poster A”, as a working title, but now named “9th Order”

9th-Order114LCpr_1024 9th Order

The back story is that I showed up to a friend’s house and was greeted with exuberant enthusiasm as he waved the fuse  triumphantly in my face. He proudly carried on about how he had blown a fuse in his Cerwin Vega speakers. These were not small speakers, he had endured enjoyed many an hour of full on Rock -N- Roll at sonic levels approaching a jet airplane on take off, putting this little fuse to the test and finally it gave in before he did. I took it from him and said that it must be forever immortalized in some cool art, he got the first print of the poster – still hanging at his house with his collection of rock posters, albums and memorabilia.

O.K., this one isn’t mine but was too cute to not share – check out the seal apparently trying to get in on the photo, from Pintrest.

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