Sunset on the Dock

I got this shot as I was entering a restaurant located on the dock in Oahu, Hawaii. I was quite glad that I had brought the camera along, even to dinner. I was in fact rarely with out my cameras, lenses and tripod. While some may think the camera gets in the way of the fun, I tend to think the camera IS the fun and thus often was wearing a large hiking backpack loaded down.  My wife being the true sport she is often was wearing a second backpack so that there was room for snacks, water and dry shoes as well.

2010_mg_3375_1024.jpg Dockside Sunset

As I reviewed the images I had taken on my 2010 Hawaii trip I realized the I had relatively few sunset photographs, compared to how many I feel as though I should have created.

There were many truly spectacular locations and opportunities to have created more of these, but honestly in reflection by the time sunset came I was generally too tired and too busy.

I would often spend the entire day driving, walking and hiking trails, towns, mountains anywhere that seemed appealing. Often by evening I was whipped and busy loading the images onto my hard drive.  While loading the images may not seem like daunting task, it was.

I had borrowed a friends old laptop (big thanks to Kim Lennox) and brought an external drive to store the images on, mostly good planning. The problem lies in my execution, I did not try out my storage system until I was in Hawaii – that’s a little late for truley GOOD planning.

I realized that my drive was formatted for a P.C. and I had an Apple laptop which wanted to reformat my drive before using it. My hard drive was already loaded with images so I did not want to reformat. Luckily my supportive wife pointed out that there was an Apple store on Oahu and the helpful geniuses were able to show me a drive that would work for both the Apple and P.C., after reformatting – a couple (hundred)  bucks more and now I’m in the game.

Unfortunately the laptop was older and only connected to my drive was via USB 1. For those not gasping in disgust you need to know that loading the 2-8 Gb memory cards via USB 1 was a very slow process requiring me to be hanging around the condo for most of the entire evening to swap out memory cards as they loaded – as it turns out having a Mai Tai (or two) on the balcony isn’t really such bad way to spend a few hours :). At least it was slow enough that I could start a 8 GB card, go off to dinner and come back just in time to find it finishing and start the process with the next card.

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Big Waves

I consider myself to be extremely lucky to add this image to my portfolio, for several reasons. It’s not luck that I chose the right lens, shutter speed or F-stop – I am a professional photographer after all.

I am lucky because I:

Was in Hawaii –  How many of us get to ever go there?

Was able to have great equipment to use – Thank you to my wife for the wedding gift!

Was there when the waves were – waves this big are rare & I was there to capture them – thank you God!

20100111-_MG_4389L_1024_40 - Big Waves

This particular shot was a bit of lock as well, actually stubborn resolve. I took hundreds of wave photos this day in search of the perfect shot. What I love and hold dear about this shot is the six clearly defined waves running from side to side across the whole frame. No other shot is so dynamic (in my mind) as this one.

As a side silly note, I have a collection of photographs of myself in a chef jacket which were taken in various locations areound the world. I was never a chef – I ‘borrowed’ it from a friend just to send him photos that looked wacky – why would a chef be standing in a rocky river bed?  After seeing the first round he gave me an extra jacket to further the cause – Thanks Dale!

20100112-_MG_4719_1024_30 - River Chef

P.S. I sat up the tripod, but my wife took the photograph – Thanks for playing along 🙂 (She thought it was silly and didn’t understand).

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Quality Test

This is a test of the photo quality post system, this is only a test.

And why am I testing, because I didn’t like the quality of the first photo I posted.  After looking at the blog in my browser I noticed ‘bad stuff’ , which was created by my saving the Jpg at a low quality in order to get the file size down so that it would load quickly for you (whoever you are).

I love quality though, so if I lose some viewers because of slow load time, so be it!

Here is a repost of the photograph from my last post, at two different qualities – 40% and 20% – for those who care about techno-drivel. Oh yes, I like to make up words even if they are oxymoronic.

Please post a comment and let me know if you A) don’t notice a difference B) Like the top photo better or C) Like the bottom photo better – Thanks!



F.Y.I. This was taken on the Maunawili trail 😉

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Here we go, new blog (not that I did much with the old one) and a new Twitter account (only one) – DonaldAdiska  If I wasn’t so new to it I might know how to post an actual link to it.  I’ll do that when I figure out how.

I’m a professional photographer and will be posting photographs, advice (take it or leave it) and whatever I feel like.

While I have been a photographer since I was allowed to hold a camera and have professionally photographed hundreds of weddings, families, high school seniors and corporate clients and events, I have never shared the photographs I take for fun.  So this is what I intend to bring you here.  That and a lot of run on sentences 😉

Let’s get started sharing!

Here is what may be the favorite shot (of others) from my honeymoon in Hawaii:


I will post more – promise!

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